The Gilded Aesthetic

The Gilded Aesthetic : February 2009

The Gilded Aesthetic

Sunday, February 15, 2009

She's Got Legs: Betty Grable

Betty Grable. Has anyone else ever come close to her vivacity and beauty? Sweet, sassy, and a talented actress who could sing and dance, Betty was the number one pin up during WWII. Soldiers pasted pictures of her in their lockers, the most well-known photo of Betty showcasing her amazing legs, which were insured for 1,000,000 dollars. Though her stems were lovely and Betty attributed her success to them, she was more than that. She simply shone, so much so that she influences women to this day. She is Dita Von Teese's favorite pin up and constant source of inspiration.

Want to look like Grable? Go blonde and puff your hair on top of your head. Never go heavy on your eye makeup, opting for no more than white on your lids and mascara. Skin should be flawlessly matte. Lips either pink or coral. And remember, smile a lot!

As for getting her famous legs, Miss Vintage has a great page of leg exercises modeled after Betty. Her site is undergoing construction right now, but should be up again soon.