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The Gilded Aesthetic : February 2012

The Gilded Aesthetic

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Geisha Beauty Secret: Nightingale Droppings

geisha beauty secret

There are a variety of strange beauty treatments out there, but one of the oddest might be nightingale droppings. This treatment involves mixing powdered bird guano with warm water, then applying the concoction to your face. Geisha have been using it for years and it's supposed to tighten, lighten, and exfoliate. I'd known about this for a while, but never investigated it because I assumed it would be insanely expensive.
I was looking at some Japanese mascara and ran across the droppings. It wasn't expensive, so I went ahead and purchased a bottle.
The bottle arrived this afternoon and I was amazed by how much smaller it is in person compared to the pictures on the internet. It's rather tiny, but they claim you can get 50 uses out of it. It comes in a white bottle with pink flowered detail, measuring roughly three inches tall.
My big concern was the smell, obviously, but many reviewers online claimed it didn't smell like actual guano. Maybe my nose is stronger, but this stuff definitely smells like bird feces. It bordered on being quite unpleasant, especially when I started mixing it in the palm of my hand with warm water. I actually gagged! Yuck! I summoned my courage and pressed onwards, however, and had soon covered my face with a thin coating.

Once I got over the initial shock of covering my face with bird guano, I was actually impressed. It dried quickly and I could feel definite tightening.
I left it on for about 10 minutes, then rinsed with warm water. My skin definitely looks whiter and feels smoother. I think the benefits will be cumulative.
I'm glad to have it, but the smell is definitely not for weak stomachs. My mother and sister want to try it, but now I'm thinking they don't have what it takes to brave the smell.
All in all, it STINKS but I'm looking forward to seeing how it improves my skin over the coming weeks. Victoria Beckham is a fan, so I figure it's probably worth it!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winter Skin Survival Guide

Hello lovelies! How is winter treating everyone? Are you beating the blues, keeping your hands moisturized, and showing off your cutest winter coat?

On my end, I've just about had it with winter! I don't know what it is, but every year around this time I become extremely unmotivated, restless, and lax in my beauty routines. It's all I can do to fall out of bed in the mornings. 

Here are some tips for a healthier, happier winter:

* Moisturize! Your skin is sensitive and going from warm indoors to the chilly outdoors can give you some itchy, dry skin. Your hands, scalp, and face will suffer the most, but my back always gets really itchy during wintertime too. Add some olive oil to your bathwater, or slather on your favorite lotion at least twice a day.

* Drink tea! Colds and congestion are rampant, and I've just now gotten over a bad cold. Tea will help your throat and chest, plus give you a contented feeling. It's also an opportunity to pamper your skin! Green tea is excellent for your skin. Throw in some honey and lemon, and you've got a beauty cocktail.

* Light candles. Scented candles are illuminating and lend a cozy, special quality to your surroundings.

* Got dandruff? My scalp loves to flake during winter, so I make sure to rinse with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. Your hair won't reek when it dries, but if there is an unpleasant smell your products should cover it up.

* Read a good book. Take these dark, solitary winter months as an opportunity to study an interesting subject, or read a new book. I'm on a true crime kick at the moment, but it's been giving me weird dreams so I might have to stop.

* Rearrange your bedroom. It's amazing what a few tweaks can do to your mood. I moved my bed the other day and the quality of my sleep has been much improved.

* Go to the theatre! It's yucky outside, but you can surely take in a local play or see a new movie.

* Make plans. Make lists. Make goals. Spring and summer are fast approaching! We'll all feel better when they arrive, but until they do we can do something productive.

* Get a new hair cut or color. I'm FINALLY getting my hair done this Friday. I hate to admit it, but I haven't had a cut since last October. I can't wait for the confidence boost.

That's all for now!