The Gilded Aesthetic

The Gilded Aesthetic : September 2010

The Gilded Aesthetic

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Road to Thin

* Drink more green tea and apple cider vinegar in water. Green tea is excellent for weight loss and overall health, as is the ACV. The Amish swear by ACV and others have experienced weight loss from drinking this at least three times a day.

* Cut back on the drinking! I've had a habit of going out and drinking three nights a week, which definitely puffs me up. There's no way to get around it. Drinking will hinder weight loss. If you must imbibe, drink one to two glasses of red wine one night a week.

* Sauna. If I have a good sweat session in our Infra Red sauna, I immediately slim down. It's also great for beautiful skin.

* Take the right supplements. I take CLA and Chromium for their weight loss benefits.

* Kettle ball! This is amazing. I have just started using one, but I feel deliciously sore the next day. It's great toning.

* Bliss Fat Girl Slim. If used consistently and faithfully, it will sculpt and slenderize your body.

* Meditate. Every morning when you wake, don't bounce up like a rocket. Lay there and take deep breaths for a few minutes. You are at your lightest in the morning, it's a new day, and you need to meditate on your body. Feel the weight falling away, revealing your toned and slim body.

* Stretch. This can go hand-in-hand with meditation. You are stretching your body, observing the beautiful aspects of it, and keeping yourself limber.

* Cut back on bread, pasta, and other starches. You will see immediate results. You will feel lighter and burst with energy.

* No more sodas or juice. Only water and tea!

* Have a sweet treat but once a week.

* Compensate. If you know you're going out one night, limit your caloric intake during the day. That way, you have more room for drinking.