The Gilded Aesthetic

The Gilded Aesthetic : May 2011

The Gilded Aesthetic

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beauty from the Kitchen: Play with Your Food!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to pampering your body. There are all sorts of food items you can use to enhance your looks. For example, you can get more use out of a bottle of champagne than just a toast!

Make a refreshing scrub out of champagne, a little bit of oil, and sugar. You don't want the consistency too thick or thin. Scrub your entire body to reveal smooth, soft, and lightly scented skin.

Olive oil makes a great cuticle softener. Rub it into your nails on a daily basis.

Honey is a moisturizer, softener, and antibacterial. Heat with caution because it can get extremely hot very quickly, not to mention heating it too much will destroy some natural properties. Spread this on your face for a glow.

Hershey's Cocoa Powder is a treat for your skin as well as your tongue. I have mixed it with olive oil and spread it all over my face, neck, and bust, then relaxed in a half-filled tub. It's an indulgence, and a messy one at that, but definitely worth it.

Sugar and lemon juice make a great exfoliant for those with bumps on places like your arms and butt.

Flushed and red-faced? Milk. Soak cotton balls or hand towels in cold milk, then press on your face.

Mix turmeric with some oil and scrub your face very gently, then leave the paste on for 20 minutes. This is an Indian beauty secret. Be sure to wash very thoroughly afterwards. It's probably best to use an old towel you don't care about to help get it off, because you might be tinted yellow if you don't. (turmeric, either in powder or pill form, is also very good for weight loss!)

Here's a strange thing I did one time. We had a leftover jar of caviar in the fridge and I, hearing so much about the latest fish egg beauty treatments, decided to experiment. I took gobs of the little suckers and rubbed them all over my face... Nasty, and I noticed little to no improvement. Some things are best left to the spa!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Corioliss Curling Wand from Misikko

One of the many perks of running a blog is that you're given the privilege of owning and reviewing products. I was contacted by Misikko several months ago and offered the chance to review either a hair straightener or a curling wand. I opted for the latter, as I love the look of curls and need to perfect my technique. Now I'm hooked!

The Corioliss Curling Wand is very sleek and convenient to use. It came with a glove to protect me from heat, plus a wrap to contain the wand. It's not at all bulky and it stores easily in small spaces. I keep it under my bathroom sink. I have a plethora of hair straighteners and an old curling iron I never got the hang of, and they're all bulky and take up way too much room. This curling wand is simple to store.

My favorite feature of this wand is how quickly it heats! It was hot within 15 seconds! Now, I'm not going to lie, I had some help from my sister curling my hair. She'd never used a curling wand before, so at first she was unsure of how to wield it. However, the wand is very manageable and within a matter of minutes she was creating gorgeous, bouncy curls on my head. It looked fantastic! I have a thick mane of hair, but I usually just leave it straight because I'm so uncoordinated with styling my hair. Now that I've seen what this curling wand can do, I think I'm going to be curling my hair more often. My sister got used to it very quickly. It took only about 20 minutes to curl my hair, and that's only because I have A LOT (enough for two people!) of hair. I'm sure it would be a shorter process for many people.

I love this curling iron. I can't say enough good things about it. The wand does get VERY hot, but the glove helps protect your skin and the wand is so sleek and not at all cumbersome that you aren't likely to burn yourself.

I give this wand 4 stars!

Pros: light, easy to use, heats quickly, creates beautiful curls, inexpensive
Cons: could result in bad burns if you're careless with it

Thank you to Misikko for the opportunity to own and review this amazing styling tool. I would recommend this to anyone and it's a great product at a great price!